VPN Setup: Windows 10


Step 1: Click on Action Center icon on lower right corner and click VPN icon.

Windows10step1 Windows 10 – PPTP VPN Setup Tutorial : Cheap Anonymous VPN Service with SSTP, PPTP, L2TP and OpenVPN Protocols   BitCoin and AliPay Accepted


Step 2: Click Add a VPN Connection.


Step 3: Select and enter below settings into newly opened window.

a) VPN provider.Select Windows (built-in) option.

b) Connection name. Enter Connection name of the Proxy Services location you want to connect.

c) Server name or address. Enter server address of Proxy Services location you want to connect.You may find the server address list on your account activation mail or on the below link.

d) VPN type.Select Point to Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP).

e) Type of sign-in info.Select User name and password.

f) Username.Enter your Proxy Services VPN username.Please keep in mind that Proxy Services client area and vpn login details are different.

g) Password. Enter your Proxy Services VPN password.Please keep in mind that instantlayer client area and vpn login details are different.

h) Click Save icon.

Step 4: Click on newly created vpn connection Proxy Services PPTP and click connect icon..



Step 5: You will see Connected sign in case everything is correct.You may verify your IP and location is changed by visiting http://www.iplocation.net on your browser..



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