Why do people need or use a VPN service?

Customers with Proxy Services use a VPN account for several reasons.

  • Privacy & Full Anonymity

Prevent your internet service provider, work organization, school or university, or any other eyes from spying on what you are accessing on the internet. Using a VPN encrypts all your traffic and keeps you fully anonymous on the internet.

  • Security

You hear about hackers in the news every month and they do not appear to be going away anytime soon. If you use your laptop, macbook, iPad, tablet, or any other mobile device on a WiFI hotspot -- you could be jeopardizing your security. Identity thieves and hackers often can monitor all traffic that passes through the same WiFi hotspot that you are connected to. Once you are connected to a WiFi you should immediately then connect into your VPN account to protect all your personal information.

  • Censorship and Filters

Several countries around the world will censor & block out websites. Some work organizations or universities will also prevent you from doing your normal internet activities. Once you are connected to one of our VPN servers you will then be able to bypass all restrictions. Social media websites such as MySpace, YouTube, Facebook ,Twitter, Instagram, and Skype can be unblocked.

  • To bypass geographical restrictions

Companies often prevent access to certain content depending on the location you are connecting from. Your location is determined by your IP address and can be changed easily with a VPN account from Proxy Services. One example is Netflix. They have a majority of content that is only available to users in The United States only. Many Proxy Services customers are overseas for work, the military, or other reasons and can not watch their normal shows. By connecting to an Proxy Services VPN USA server they are then able to access all content.

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